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Course Objective
During the recent years , Materials Management / Warehouse and Distribution operations are becoming increasingly important and many existing and new clients are going for WM , SD/WM or PP/WM implementations . In other words , WM becomes continues to grow in Logistics/Supply chain areas .The objective of this course is to fulfill the industry demand on these specific skills .

Teaching Methodology
Method of instruction is blend of MM/IM/WM concepts , business processes and Case methods of different industry and distribution verticals .Emphasis is laid on R/3 Specific MM/IM/ WM processes and configuration steps and Practice exercises.

Course Structure
– Organization elements
– General Settings (Customizing IMG)
– Enterprise Structure (Customizing IMG)
– Logistics General – Material master, Vendor master
– Business processes of Material Management
– Purchasing – Master data (Source List, Info Records , source lists , quota arrangements )
– Purchase Requisition, RFQ, Quotations , Outline agreements (Contracts and scheduling agreements )
– Purchase Orders – Standard order processing , item categories , Account assignment categories .
– Procurement process – stock , consumption , External services management .
– Advanced PO process: consignment POs , Stock Transport Orders (STOs) , Sub contract order process .
– Optimized purchasing processes, Material planning, consumption based planning, forecasting, lot size techniques
– Reorder Points, MRP runs, stock requirement lists Inventory Management and Physical Inventory.
– Goods Receipts, Goods Issues, Transfer Postings. Reservations .
– Availability checks Stock Types, Movement Types.
– Stock overviews, Material documents , FI documents -Impact on stock and G/LPhysical inventory processes
– Various physical inventory methods such as Annual , continuous , cycle counting.
– Physical inventory document creation , counting , posting differences .
– Valuation and account determination process : Price indicators standard , Moving average .
– Valuation classes , valuation types .
– Invoice Verification Processing, Delivery Costs ( planned /Unplanned), Invoice Blocking, various Blocking techniques.
– Cash Discounts, Subsequent Debit/ Credits .
– ERS Process Batch Management – Batch master records, Material masters and its pre-requisites
– Automatic batch determination process .
– Various inventory management activities with batch management
– Serial Numbers – Overview

– WM- LES Overview
– WM Integration with other Processes.
– Inventory Management and warehouse management
– Overview Warehouse management – Enterprise structure and organizational levels
– Full Warehouse – Lean Warehouse Management
– Overview WM/ Master Data/ Material master , Storage types , storage section , Storage Bin master .
– Goods receipts Processes Material document, Transfer Requirement Transfer Order / Manual and
automatic creation Transfer order confirmation .
– Stock over view at IM levelStock overview at WM level .
– Stock placement strategies Manual , Fixed Bin , Near Fixed bin , addition to existing stock etc.
– Goods issue Process, Business Scenarios Stock removal strategy, FIFO, LIFO, SLED,
Partial quantities first etc., Posting Changes -Business scenarios ,Transfer posting , stock transfers ,Posting change notices
– WM-Production integration -Over view WM staging for production supply areas Control cycles .
– Production storage bins ,Supply to production storage bins ,KANBAN
– Overview WM- Delivery process
– Overview of sales order , delivery , picking , packing and post goods issue
– Picking with WM and Picking without WMTransfer order creating for SD delivery processing
– WM – Replenishment process – Overview Physical inventory processes :
a. Inventory methods
b. Continuous Inventory
c. Zero Stock check Cycle counting
d. Over view on RFID

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  • Skill levelbeginner
  • LanguageEnglish/Hindi/Bengali
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