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ERP/SAP CRM-Marketing
1. Marketing and campaign planning
a. Planning and performing marketing projects
b. Marketing Calendar
2. Overview of marketing analytics
3. Personalized mail forms
a. Creating personalized e-mails and designing documents
b. Business partner-controlled communication
4. Segmenting business partners
a. Marketing characteristics
b. Segment Builder
c. Creating profiles and target groups
5. Lead Management
6. Campaign automation
7. External List Management

Overview of the ERP/SAP CRM solution
1. Introduction to: Fundamentals and architecture of mySAP CRM
2. mySAP CRM Analytics
3. mySAP CRM Marketing
4. mySAP CRM E-Commerce
5. mySAP CRM Channel Management
6. mySAP CRM Sales
7. mySAP CRM Interaction Center
8. mySAP CRM Service
9. mySAP CRM Field Applications
10. Implementation & operation of mySAP CRM

Basic overview of ERP/SAP SD relevant to ERP/SAP CRM
1. Organizational structures in sales and distribution
2. Master Data Management in sales and distribution
3. Overview of the process chain for sales order processing,
4. Introduction to pricing in sales and distribution
5. Creating and processing sales orders
6. Sales document types
7. Item categories
8. Schedule line categories
9. Document flow
10. Copying control
11. Partner determination
12. Creating and processing deliveries, Delivery type
13. Goods issue
14. Billing document and Billing type

ERP/SAP CRM Customizing Fundamentals
1. CRM basic data:
a. Business partner
b. Organizational model
c. Product master
d. Customizing settings for each object
2. CRM business transactions
a. Overview of generic functions in business transactions (includes transaction types/item categories and their determination)
b. Activity management
c. Customizing for these objects
3. Process control and determination
a Partner determination
b. Actions
c. Overview of pricing in CRM
d. Copy Control
e. Opportunity Management

ERP/SAP CRM-Service Management
1. Quote to billing management from Industry perspective
2. Contract management
3. Installed base management:
4. Service contract processing:
a. Service agreements
b. Service contracts
5. Service order processing:
a. Resource planning
b. Service confirmation
c. Service billing

ERP/SAP CRM-Internet Sales Management
1. Scenarios and architecture of the ERP/SAP CRM E-Commerce solutions
2. Web shop administration (Web-based)
3. Superuser / user administration
4. Maintaining and explaining the product catalog (catalog area, variants, views, documents, Web-based maintenance.)
5. Basic Concepts of pricing in the Web shop using the Internet Pricing Configurator (IPC)
6. Sales order management in E-commerce

1. Introduction, terminology
2. Architecture, landscape
3. Agent functions and processes in the IC
4. Creating IC profiles
5. Configuring components such as the navigation bar and the transaction launcher
6. IC management functions
a. Call lists
b. Scripting
7. IC manager portal:
a. IC manager dashboard
b. Management call lists
c. Interactive scripting
d. IC workforce management
8. Complaints:
a. Complaints Processing

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