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ERP/SAP Education can help you/your organization reap significant benefits, including:

  • Faster, more cost-effective initial implementations.
  • Better acceptance among end users, with decreased support costs.
  • Ongoing, optimal return on your software investment.
  • Faster adaptation to new releases and changes in business practices.

The curriculum combines business, academic and technical skills to broaden students understanding in the theory and application of information technology in business.

ERP/SAP consultant education includes:

Early product training: These workshops and online knowledge products are made available before new solutions or releases are introduced to the general market.

ERP/SAP academies: These centers specialize in intensive knowledge transfer that builds skills and qualifications for a wide variety of consultants.

Consultant certification: Certification helps ERP/SAP customers identify and select qualified consultants.

Certification is often the end result of participating in an ERP/SAP academy, but can also be achieved through alternative learning paths.

To take any Functional module, you need to have a minimum of 2-3 years of industrial experience in the relevant business function.

To take the technical module of ERP/SAP you need to be strong in programming concepts.

Generally recommended to people with minimum 1-2 years of technical experience.

A candidate should also possess professional qualifications like BE/ B.Tech / MBA/CA or equivalent credentials.ntials.

ERP/SAP Training develops skills and experience in the practical management and application of technology. It is for everyone -from everyday users to senior management.

We provide a comfortable and professional learning environment. Each classroom is equipped with the latest computer hardware and software and high-quality audiovisual equipment. Controlled class sizes ensure each student has ample access to training facilities as well as individual attention.

We offer over 50 training courses that can get your project team up and running quickly and cost effectively. They provide a comprehensive standard curriculum, and their education experts can even work with you to build training plans and courses -custom-made to fit your specific education requirements.

Our training programs are designed that cover all application, functional, and technical areas related to ERP/SAP solutions. We can also modify existing courses to suit your specific project. Plus, we can host the training at any of our training facilities, or, if you have the required infrastructure, we can deliver the training at your site.

We do not guarantee placements but we are partnered with most companies and inform candidates about the opportunities available in companies who have a requirement for ERP/SAP certified consultants. Also we provide interview assessment, professional resume making services, professional grooming to enable you to be right fit in the job market. Also we try to use our extensive network to give you the right placement.
The courses are handled by ERP/SAP Consultants who have a rich functional experience and are highly skilled in ERP/SAP implementations and are working with MNCs and on interview boards with most of the companies.
The payment can be made by Demand drafts / Local Cheques /Wire Transfer / Cash / Credit Card.

There are two ways for getting ERP/SAP certification:

1. By undergoing the full 5-weeks training at any of the Authorized Education Partners of ERP/SAP.
2. Should have at least 2 implementations experience, were the Company authenticates and sponsors the candidate. The Company, which is sponsoring the candidate, needs to be a ERP/SAP Partner.

Students have to make their own accommodation arrangements.However, we have tie ups with many guest houses and we shall help you in finding the right accommodation.
Courses offered by us are on full-time basis as well as part time basis. We value your commitments and based on that we can arrange the classes as per your time convenience. Part time courses are generally held on Saturday and Sunday.
ERP/SAP Training is a combination of theory and practice on the systems. Candidates are connected to ERP/SAP servers for completing their exercises.
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